Uplifting capability in managing projects and change initiatives for your future success

Synchrony Projects is a training organisation specialising in the management of projects and change initiatives. We are passionate about increasing shareholder value for our clients by uplifting their capability in project planning, risk management and control so that their projects and change initiatives are more successful and sustainable.
Synchrony Projects is a trusted adviser to leading organisations in Government, Transport, Defence, Energy, Aerospace, Mining, and Oil & Gas. Synchrony combines the best practices in project planning, risk management and control to provide support and advice that is in the absolute best interests of our clients. Through constant planning, coaching and communication we are able to deliver uncompromised value to our clients in the form of business transformation, risk reduction, improved communication and performance.


To create a more sustainable world.


To support our clients to effectively plan and deliver transformation projects and change initiatives.

Synchrony projects develops and delivers tailored short courses in the following areas:

          Introduction to Project Planning and Control

          Advanced Project Planning, Risk Management and Control

          Project Quantitative Risk Analysis

          Improving accuracy and reducing bias in projects

          Project Stakeholder Management

          Project Cost Management

          Project Risk Management

We are an Approved Education Provider with AACE International and deliver the following certification preparation courses:

          Certified Cost Technician

          Certified Cost Professional

          Certified Scheduling Technician

          Certified Planning and Scheduling Professional

          Certified Project Risk Management Professional

          Certified Earned Value Professional

We are an Accredited Training organisation with APMG International and deliver the following certification preparation courses:

          Project Planning and Control (Foundation)

          Project Planning and Control (Practitioner)

          Earned Value Management (Foundation)

          Earned Value Management (Practitioner)

We have also recently become a Trainer Partner with GreenProjectManagement (GPM®) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (iChemE).

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Why Choose Us

We provide our clients with a more effective workforce and increased return on investment in projects by first understanding our clients’ values, strategy and risk appetite, then developing frameworks and KPIs for performance. Where required, we support teams to improve capability by providing coaching and training in project assurance, project planning, risk management, project performance and stakeholder management. Training can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients and optimise learning outcomes. Our solutions include: